June 28th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] sparrowsion at 10:49am on 28/06/2017
Ever since the [in]famous #WALRUS match of the (men's football) European championship last year, I've been wondering how many other matches could provide similar amusement. Possibly none, because of the inherent comedic value of a walrus, but there must be scope for further confusion. #HUNGER was the only one that occurred to me at the time, and I kept meaning to knock up a script to work out others.

Needing distraction from pain, I've just done it. If we're sticking with international football, I've got 96 matches (using OSX /usr/share/dict/words) many of which are, as you'd expect, ridiculously obscure. And many are also rather unlikely matches. But there is some tasty, quite literally, stuff in there. Highlights include:
#ANGLES: Angola v. Lesotho
#BANGER: Bangladesh v. Germany
#BELUGA: Belgium v. Uganda
#CAMPER: Cambodia v. Peru
#CANNED: Canada v. Netherlands
#COLLIE: Colombia v. Liechtenstein
#FINGER: Finland v. Germany
#GIBBER: Gibraltar v. Bermuda
#HONEST: Honduras v. Estonia
#HUNGER: Hungary v. Germany
#ISLAND: Iceland v. Andorra
#LESLIE: Lesotho v. Liechtenstein
#MARTHA: Morocco v. Thailand
#PURPLE: Puerto Rico v. State of Palestine
#SAMPLE: Samoa v. State of Palestine
#SINGER: Singapore v. Germany
#SOMBER: Somalia v. Bermuda
#TANNED: Tanzania v. Netherlands
#TRILBY: Trinidad and Tobago v. Libya
#TRIPLE: Trinidad and Tobago v. State of Palestine
#TURBAN: Turkey v. Bangladesh
#TURBOT: Turkey v. Botswana
#TURNED: Turkey v. Netherlands
#WALRUS: Wales v. Russia

One thing to consider is that this is only FIFA's country codes, which includes nations (like Wales) which aren't acknowledged by other organisations. Like the IOC. Who have their own set of codes anyway. (Which also aren't 100% in agreement with ISO country codes.) IOC matches (which include hockey and rugby as well as football) have 109 real-word hashtags, and provide 29 which FIFA matches can't, including:
#ANGINA: Angola v. Indonesia
#BARBEL: Barbados v. Belgium
#BARBER: Barbados v. Bermuda
#BURBOT: Burkina Faso v. Botswana
#BURDEN: Burkina Faso v. Denmark
#BURNED: Burkina Faso v. Netherlands
#CAFTAN: Central African Republic v. Tanzania
#COMMON: Comoros v. Monaco
#GAMMON: The Gambia v. Monaco
#LATEST: Latvia v. Estonia
#MARINA: Morocco v. Indonesia
#SUDDEN: Sudan v. Denmark

I don't think there's anything quite as good as #WALRUS, although there's plenty of scope for confusion, and all the fish names are always good for a giggle.
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June 26th, 2017
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Two weeks of roses and playparks, museums and public art, wide open avenues, petunias and rolling hills. Two weeks of Tom and he has failed to notice that I am fundamentally unlikable. He, of course, is perfectly delightful.

We spent one week in Almaty and one week in Astana, with a day in Bishkek and a train journey across Kazakhstan. It was every bit as wonderful as I could have imagined, and we had an amazing time. The people are so lovely and the cities so beautiful.
June 25th, 2017
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Due to my job involving taking phone calls from people living in London, I have noticed a linguistic phenomenon that intrigues me: some people whose first language seems likely to not be English display a tendency to use /jespliːz/ (with timing as if it was a single word) as the affirmative rather than simply /jes/.

June 20th, 2017
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Especially in my house (1970s greenhouse) and my office (2013 'green' building).

I'm particularly cross about the office. It's lovely in some ways. It's very energy efficient. It has only passive cooling (except in the server room), which is just about OK when the temperature only goes up to 25 degrees. It then gets progressively less efficient, until at around 28 degrees it stops doing anything much at all. There's no dehumidifier. This means that my lungs crap out, and I start not being able to breathe very well, and my heart rate goes up even when I'm sitting still.
We have fans in the office, which keeps the temperature down to 'only' a couple of degrees above the outside temperature. It does fuck all about the humidity. Mysteriously, I can't really work when it's that hot - I have basically constant headaches, and have to mainline cool liquids (not too much water - hyponatraemia is no fun). This would be fine if there was such a thing as 'so hot they send you all home'. I *can* work from home; however, it's not much better there. It's only better at all because I can wear far fewer clothes than is acceptable even in my office.
I wouldn't mind taking a day off work from time to time. However, there are usually (well, OK, since I started working in this building) at least 5 days at around 30 degrees, plus another couple of weeks at 25+. That's too much time to take off work. I love the environment, and generally approve of not fucking it over egregiously, for the sake of all the people in the world who will be deeply affected by climate change. But trying to kill me off for 3 weeks a year (a total that's only likely to increase) isn't great either.
I'd like to have some air con, or at least some dehumidifiers. I don't want it American Cold (i.e. so bloody cold you need a jumper on) - I just want it kept to around 25-26 degrees, so I can at least not risk having a stroke.
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posted by [personal profile] ghislaine in [community profile] cross_stitch at 11:48am on 20/06/2017
 Hi, fellow stitchers,

I have a huge weakness for cross-stitch magazines! I discovered them about ten years ago in Barnes and Noble. Many of them there are published in the U.K., and I am in the U.S., so the price can be rather high. I have still purchased several over the years. Recently I found them on Magzter for my iPad for about a fourth of the newsstand price, and I just bought the August 2017 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy. CSC is definitely my favorite, since Quick and Easy Cross Stitch was discontinued years ago. Plus, the overseas magazines in the newsstand often come sporadically, and past their season. I love my e-copy of the magazine, and I can print out the patterns from my iPad as I use them.

Does anyone else buy the cross stitch magazines, either on the newsstand or online? I was just curious about your experiences with them, and your favorite magazine, if you have one!
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June 19th, 2017
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I've bashed my head on this before but not got a specific answer. Now I read through it in some more detail.


In West Wing episode 1, Josh insults some evangelical christian leaders. In a meeting trying to resolve this, the following happens.

* One of them proposes a radio address (presumably by the president) on a topic important to them, including public morals, school prayer or pornography. Apparently meaning "people in school should not have access to condoms", "people in school should be forced to perform christian prayer" and "we don't quite know what we want you to do but we're very upset about pornography".

* There is a muddle of people speaking at once, and he cuts in again, saying, "I'd like to discuss why we hear so much talk about the First Amendment coming out of this building, but no talk at all about the First Commandment."

* He says, "The First Commandment says 'Honor thy Father'."

* Toby breaks in, and says that's wrong, that's the third commandment. He is very long-suffering.

* He says, what is the first then?

* The president enters the room and quotes: "I am the Lord your God. Thou shalt worship no other God before me."


I'm fairly sure the intended impression is, talk show guy spoke without thinking and screwed up something basic, Toby and the president correct him.

But firstly, the first commandment seems SO basic, it's hard to see how he could get it wrong. Whether or not he's a good Christian overall, quoting the commandments, especially the first one, seems like the sort of thing he'd do all the time.

Secondly, when I first heard it, I assumed this was "honor your father and mother", but now I wonder if it's supposed to be honoring *God* thy father. Although that doesn't quite fit any of the specific sentences either.

I'm not sure if the commandment he was quoting was supposed to be directly related to the previous discussion or not. Either of the possibilities doesn't seem directly relevant to the school stuff, but it's possible it is in a way that's only familiar if you know the usual arguments people make.

Several people point out that all the people involved have *different* traditional commandment numbering. Toby is Jewish. The christian leaders are protestant. And the president is catholic. I assume in America the protestant version is widely known and often considered canonical? I spent some time on wikipedia checking the different traditions for how to break up the commandments into ten.

But that doesn't seem to fit much better. The president could be quoting the protestant version (or possibly a slightly abbreviated catholic version?)

There's no way to make "honor thy father and mother" into 1 or 3, it's 5 for both protestants and jews (and 4 for catholics).

It could instead be "have no other god" or "don't take God's name in vain" but that doesn't quite fit, either the numbers or the quote.

My best guess is that someone wrote an exchange that worked, probably based on the traditional protestant numbering[1]. And then it got edited for various reasons, and ended up in a version which sounded good but didn't actually make sense.

The best alternate explanation is (a) Christian leader guy genuinely didn't know what the first commandment was (or forgot in the heat of the moment) (b) Toby was trolling by deliberately making something up, knowing no-one could call him on it as he had a different numbering anyway (c) the president (an intellectual catholic) knew the confusion of the numbering, but quoted a first commandment that would be expected to protestants and wasn't exactly wrong by his own tradition.

But to me that seems too complicated, if all that was supposed to be there, there'd be more indication. The mistake would have been one where it's more clear how he came to make a mistake. Toby would have sounded different if he was blowing smoke than if he was correcting people. There'd be some acknowledgement that SOMEONE would have known the first commandment, that this isn't exactly an obscure piece of theological trivia the president researched.

[1] West Wing does much better at research than most shows, but they seem to research a particular topic, it still seems like minor things not the main theme of an episode get overlooked sometimes.

Transcript: http://www.westwingtranscripts.com/search.php?flag=getTranscript&id=1
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These rules describe a game which has been given much thought but not play tested, distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Community. Rewatched first two series. Got bored in series three. I think there was still a lot of good things after that, but I wasn't as excited by each episode.

Rewatching s1 of west wing. Still very good. See twitter for running commentary. It's strange that WW made so many things famous you can't look up if they're true or not, you just find they were in the WW.

When I was being excited by Natural History of Dragons #3, I forgot to say, they investigate translating an ancient syllabary language. made me think of rochvelleth :)

Watched Doctor Who "Veritas". Some things are tedious: that's not how computers work, and that's not how random numbers work. It's almost the opposite. But overall I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Read the latest wild cards. Weird that it just happens to be set in Taraz (Talas) in Kazakhstan when ghoti et al are visiting that country. Although it unfortunately doesn't include much actually specific to Kazakhstan.

There's so many things that are really interesting about the wild card books. Partly that lots of famous authors show up writing a really different style of thing to what they usually write, often more straightforwardly engaging. Partly that main characters in one story thread show up as minor characters in other story thread, and you get a good triangulation on them, how they think of themselves vs how different people see them -- often with no Word-of-God on which is more accurate.
June 18th, 2017
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OK, I'm going to assume everyone who wanted to think about the original problem unspoiled has probably done so, and assume comments have rot26 spoilers from here on.

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stratocracy, n. - Rule by electric guitar.

Music:: Andreas Waldtoft, "Battle of Breitenfeld"
June 15th, 2017
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